Tips for Nursery School Interviews

In the era of st Century, getting admission to a preschool has been the most challenging and the difficult task for both the children and the parents. Increasing competition and demand for good schools have led to many difficulties in the admission process as a small child of or years is expected to have knowledge of certain things and pursue certain qualities. Therefore, the word ‘admission’ appears to be nightmarish to both the parents and children. The beginning of a child’s academic journey start with the nursery interviews and this decides the future of your child i.e.

whether he will be selected in the school or not. But parents should not be nervous or tensed to face interviews else the child will get the vibes. Just be aware of the complete admission Ascot’s Early Learning Classes process, make a genuine effort, prepare and train your little darling well in advance. Children are like wet clay and can be molded in any shape i.e. they can soak anything that is told to them frequently. Therefore, start early, dedicate only fifteen minutes in a day and later increase the time to half hour or more as per the capability of the child.

Basically, the main task is to prepare the child mentally. For this, you can talk to your child about all the positive aspects of the school to remove the nervousness of the interview process. Process of Nursery School Admission involves oral & written test of the child and interview of the parents. These oral tests are taken to determine the activeness and interest of the child in the studies and to understand the capabilities and qualities of the child. The written test is taken in the main subjects – English (alphabets), Hindi, and Maths (numbers).