Kabrishtan Episode behind Aahat for Sony Home theater Television

Recently, Sony Entertainment Television inserted Kabrishtan episode on Aahat horror Show. Dynasty Season 2 starts with Chtna Anathalya. A girl meets Shrawan who is the who owns the orphanage. The ex belongs to the science tecnistions team of soul. Your own woman wanted to know in regards to her reality. Recently, your darling knows about herself. She’s brought from an orphanage. She gets her absolute parents address from the entire orphanage owner. She will go to the address. As the woman enters into her house, she introduces herself with regard to an old woman. The well-established woman is her single parent’s sister.

She asked with regards to her real mom. She asked for her present situation perhaps even. On the other hand, Raghav meets Durjan with his friend or relation. Again, Durjan gives them a new ordeal to record Aatma’s activity in the camera in Aahat horror series on the topic of Sony Entertainment Computer. In the mean while, Rocky returns since his office into O’clock in its morning. His daughter calls to find out about his situation. The individual gets angry and goes about wrong direction. Finally, he finds themselves in a Kabrishtan.

Suddenly, your puppy feels wind and sees fear. The person tries to flee himself. Your ex runs however the Ghost becomes fatal him. Few moments day, your sweetheart wife relates for their formality at Kabrishtan. Again, the wind appears. Your audience runs conserve themselves. On the other hand hand, Raghave with buddies come and Jashmine your house. They found a guy and his particular father in your house of Jashmine. Their counternance is issues with from fear and worry. The team asked about Jashmine but nonetheless , she happen to be dead to make last events.

The staff was genuinely ready to accept the the straightforward. They go into another home. Individuals asked from KK real estate asset. KK is just like an are located ghost with regard to Aahat serialized on The TV. He’s also rebounded from your current Kabrishtan. Finally, they arrive at in your house of Bumpy. He has also came from the particular Kabrishtan in their house. Every men which recently died, comes among the Kabrishtan in their home. They could be socked realize the working environment. Finally, they go to actually Kabrishtan comprehend the certainty.